Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Noxious Jollification
Why is always, the bugs brave
He is powered, by Minds Maze
He is dedicated, and soft as plume
Lunatic in love, running towards Soon
Everyone is sympathetic, for the lucent lover
But no one is worried, for the chandelier
Life is like a chanty for him
He seems a dangler, but mind in dim
Though he knew, Love was noxious
But it is love, which makes him anxious
After every pure hearted resolution
He always get caught in Jollification
This is all, everyone thought
But its new, what I have brought
Just like Ogress, we present the candle
But reality is sorrow, she can't handle
He burn himself for one sec, and get canonized
But the poor candle, is called homicide.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Rime of An Ancient Mariner
A lyrical ballad
The Sun now rose upon the right:
Out of the sea came he, *Anastrophe*
Still hid in mist, and on the left
Went down into the sea
And the good south wind still blew behind,
But no sweet bird (albatross) did follow,
Nor any day for food or play
Came to the mariner's hollo! (mariners cry)
And I had done a hellish thing,
And it would work 'em woe: (and it will surely bring some sorrows to the sailors)
For all averred(affirmed), I had killed the bird
That made the breeze to blow.
Ah wretch!( base, mean, or despicable) said they, the bird to slay(To kill violently),*Anastrophe*
That made the breeze to blow!
Nor dim nor red, like God's own head, (it suggests divine retribution will come to the ship)*simile*
The glorious Sun uprist: (uprose)
Then all averred, (affirmed) I had killed the bird
That brought the fog and mist.
'Twas right, said they, such birds to slay,
That bring the fog and mist.
(The Mariner’s Companions made themselves accomplices in the crime when they thought that it was a good thing to have the Albatross killed.)
The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew,*Internal rhyme*
The furrow followed free;
(Visual imagery. When the ship moves on a tideless ocean it cuts through the water that forms a furrow at the rear bottom of the ship that is created by white foam that flies when the ship cuts and sails through the water)
We were the first that ever burst *internal rhyme*
Into that silent sea.
Down dropt the breeze, the sails dropt down,*repetition*
'Twas sad as sad could be;
And we did speak only to break
The silence of the sea!
All in a hot and copper sky,*Tautology*
The bloody Sun, at noon,
(usually the sun is white during the afternoon but because of the sultry weather and as a result of the mariner’s sin it grew hot and copper red)
Right up above the mast did stand,
No bigger than the Moon. (The sun is unusually small. it’s as if the light of the world is slowly fading.)
Day after day, day after day,
We stuck, nor breath nor motion;
As idle as a painted ship *simile*
Upon a painted ocean.
Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink; (Salt has this effect on things)
Water, water, every where, *paradox*
Nor any drop to drink. (Isn’t that crazy? Most of those shipwrecked die of thirst.. in the middle of the ocean..)
The very deep did rot: O Christ!
That ever this should be!
(Days after the wind stilled, something is awry. Slimy creatures are seen walking on the surface of the water.
Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs
Upon the slimy sea.
About, about, in reel and rout
( reel mean? Means to lure or capture and bring something in, like reeling in a fish after you've caught)
The death-fires (Death-fires are an omen of death) danced at night;
(Sailors at sea often saw this phenomenon, known as St. Elmo’s Fire. It is electricity discharged from pointed objects, such as masts, during storms. The phenomenon can also be seen on land on trees or towers that rise to a point)
The water, like a witch's oils, *simile* Burnt green, and blue and white.
(Disturbing lights start to appear at night, and the water "burns" green, blue, and white. If you wanted to be scientific about it, you might guess that the Mariner is seeing the phenomenon of "phosphorescence." Some kinds of algae and tiny animals can literally "glow" in the water in certain times of year. But Coleridge isn 't being scientific, he 's being supernatural. Some of the sailors start to dream that a spirit deep under the ocean has been following the ship ever since they left the Arctic. Needless to say, it 's not a happy,spirit.)
And some in dreams assurèd were
Of the Spirit that plagued us so;
( Coleridge believed that there were more spirits or invisible creatures in the world then visible ones.)
Nine fathom deep he had followed us
From the land of mist and snow.
(A fathom is a unit of length equal to six feet.)
And every tongue, through utter drought
, Was withered at the root;
We could not speak, no more than if
We had been choked with soot.
Ah! well a-day! (Archaic lamentation; Alas!)
what evil looks Had I from old and young!
(he was given dirty looks by everybody for killing the albatross.)*antithesis* Instead of the cross, the Albatross *internal rhyme*
About my neck was hung.
(Suggests the divine nature of the Albatross, and how it functions as a sort of cross in its own right. Yet hung around his neck, it is a symbol of his sins.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

askho ki baate..

Aansu.o ke dharm-o-imaa.n bhi ajeeb hote hain,
Jab koi nazar me na ho tab ye kareeb hote hain...

Jo insaa.n zindagi ko roshan kar jaate hain,
Wo khud bade betarteeb hote hain...

Insaano ki aadat na ho toh hi achha hai,
Bichadke na Milne waale bade badnaseeb hote hain...

Rula ke chale gaye, bas Aansu hi na chalak aate,
Palko me ruke hue ansu.on ke dard ab sahe nahi jaate..

Dil ko Aabaad rakhte Hai Ek Shehar-E-Khamoshan Ki Tarah,
Har Taraf Log To Hain Magar Phir Bhi Tanhai piye jaate hain..

Tanhaiyo me Jaan Jalaye jaate hain Saari Raat...!!
Khud Hi dar Pe dastak deke phir Khud Hi kaun puchhe jaate hain...!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Main Nahin Aaunga....

Main nahi aaunga

Main nahi aaunga..

Un bheege gaalo me, rukhe baalo me,
Chand sawalo me, jhukti daalo me..
Main nahi aaunga..

Dosto ki thitholi me, mohalle ki holi me,
Behna ki doli me, koyal ki boli me..
Main nahi aaunga...

Un lehraate pardo me, unsune fardo me,
Raat se bhi kaale dardo me...
Main nahi aaunga..

Maa ke aanchal me, kaare Kajal me,
Bin barse badal me, gungunati aukhal me...
Main nahi aaunga...

Main nahi aaunga..

Main kyu aau, jab dana-pani uth gaya..
Panchi akela, apno se rooth gaya..

Main kyu aau, jab koi naamleva nahi..
Maut bhi zindagi si jaanleva nahi..

Main kyu aau, jab dukh bhi haar gaya..
Bar baar uthe kadam, par aham maar gaya..

Main kyu aau,jab tum mujhe nahi pukarte..
Main kyu aau, jab tum mujhe nahi niharte..

Main nahi aaunga..

Main nahi aaunga..

Ab jeete ji marr jaunga, par main nahi aaunga,
Apni saanso ko apne me hi dafnaunga..

Apni hi mayyat pe khushi ki mausiqi gaunga,
Haar kar toot jaunga, bikhar jaunga..

Par main nahi aaunga..

Main nahi aaunga.. Main nahi aaunga...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I died Yesterday..

*Conversation with God*

Raaste naapta, bhatakta sa, aaya tere dar par,
Sookhi aankhe, dil me gubaar, saanse bezaar..

Lakho sawaalo ke baadal liye, chaahto ke saanp liye,
Chala aaya hoo.n, chehre pe shikano.n ke Chenaab liye..

Hazaro khwahishie.n, laakho arziyaan, an'ginat shikayate,
Zindagi ki andhi daud me bhool gaya, teri aa'yatei.n..

Tere dar ki garm seedhiyo.n pe mila woh thanda sukoo.n,
Har badhte kadam ke saath, kam hote gaye mere zunoo.n..

Mit gaya ranz-o-gam, mit gayi meri hasti,
Tera noor barasta raha, mera wajood-- bas masti..

Jab teri nazar aaya, kho gaya ehsaas, kho gaya fareb,
Iss kadar beparda hua tere saamne, ki ban gaya naseeb..

Shikayato.n ke karavaa.n liye aaya tha tere darr,
Bas, jhuki si aankhe.n hi kar paya tere nazar..

Ro padi banzar aankhe, gamo ka Sota(geyser)beh gaya,
Dard, dar-b-dar hua, mujhe alvida keh gaya..

Arziyoo.n ke band lifafe, khul na sake tere saamne,
Aaankhe band hui khud-b-khud, mann laga khudko naapne..

Dil-e-veera.n bhar gaya, teri mehr ke noor se,
Manzil ko paa liya, kho gaya raasta, aaya tha door se..

Sunte the teri baadshahat-e-dil ke kisse,
Tere roo-b-roo, bikhar gaye meri MAIN(I) ke hisse

Tere darr ki khushboo me khud ko paaya,
Phir jaha.n nazar gayi, bas TU hi TU nazar aaya..

Jaltarang bajj utthe, saaz-o-saazinde kho gaye,
Mujhe Tu, Tujhme Main, banda-khuda ek ho gaye..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Main roya pardes....

Main roya pardes mein bheega maa ka pyaar, Dukh ne dukh se baat ki bin chitthi bin taar

Chota karke dekhiye jiwan ka vistaar, Aankhon bhar aakash hai baahon bhar sansaar

Leke tan ke naap ko ghoome basti gaanv, Har chaadar ke gher se baahar nikle paanv

Sabki pooja ek si alag alag har reet, masjid jaaye maulvi koyal gaaye geet

Pooja ghar mein moorti mira ke sang shyaam Jiski jitni chaakri utne uske daam

Saaton din bhagawaan ke kya mangal kya pir Jis din soye der tak bhookha rahe fakir

Achhi sangat baitha kar sangi badle roop Jaise milkar aam se meethi ho gai dhoop

Sapna jharna neend ka jaagi aankhein pyaas Pana khona khojna saanson ka itihaas

Chaahe geeta vaachiye ya padhiye quraan Mera tera pyaar hi har pustak ka Gyaan------

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surile Aansu

Surile aansu

Surile aansu, palko pe baithe hain..
Surile aansu, gam ko samete hai..

Gar tera gam, mera ho jaye..
Bas yuhi dil tera ho jaye..
Ek sapna bas, yuhi kho jaye.
Dil ki dua, pyar ho jaye...

Surile aansu, palko pe baithe hain..
Surile aansu gum ko samete hai...

Ye aansu kyu lagte yu apne hain..
In aankho me tere hi sapne hain..
Chandni bhi, laage kyu tapne hain..

Surile aansu palko pe baithe hain...
Surile aansu, gam ko samete hain...

Sooni sooni, aankho ki basti hai...
Bewajah  kyu aankhe barasti hai..
Tere naam se kyu, dhadkan larajti hai..

Surile aansu palko pe baithe hai..
Surile aansu gam ko samete hai...

Tanhayi me, kyu muskuraate hai..
Bheegi agni me jalte jaate hain..
Aansu mere, kyu jhilmilate hai..

Surile aansu, palko pe baithe hain..
Surile aansu gam ko samete hain...
Surile aansu.... Surile aansu..